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Welcome to Nottingham Swim Club

Your Summer Community!

Who We Are

We're a summer swim club...but so much more! Nottingham is a community. We're generations, from babes to old-timers, of diverse people who come together in the summer for fun and fitness, for relaxation and relationships! We own our pool together, so we're invested and love being a part of it. We spend our days playing ga-ga and tetherball, sunning, laughing, connecting, BBQ-ing, catching up, eating ice-cream, racing, and learning to blow bubbles. We lap-swim and aquacize and deep-water workout when the sun comes up.  We have old school picnic games, eat crabs, have red-cups, read, go for runs, play giant jenga, have pizza delivered, watch seniors chat with teenagers and teenagers inspire preschoolers. We have a Gators Suburban Swim team and a just-for-fun "Geriatric Dive Team" (middle-agers doing canonballs). We teach lessons all summer and every child gets a free week of lessons...we walk on water in a gerbil ball too. Adults gather for "tastings," seniors reminisce, and ladies catch up with coffee. We have full-out fun event days.

Oh, and we swim. A. Lot.


Friday May 24th      5 - 10pm

Saturday May 25th 10:30am - 10pm

Sunday May 26th   10:30am - 9pm

Monday, May 27th  10:30am - 8pm 


Friday May 31st      5 - 10pm

Saturday June 1st  10:30am - 10pm

Sunday June 2nd   10:30am - 8pm


Friday June 7          5 - 10pm

Saturday June 8th  10:30am - 10pm

Sunday June 9th    10:30am - 9pm



2024 Start date Monday, June 10th

Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs:   12:30 - 9 pm
Friday:       12:30 - 10 pm

Saturday:   10:30 am - 10 pm

Sunday:     10:30 am - 9 pm

Lap Swim: Mon-Fri, 6-8 am

 registration required

Contact Us

200 Radcliffe Dr, Newark, DE 19711, USA


mail:   PO Box 7624 Newark, DE 19714

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