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Info for New Members

Membership background

We're a member owned non-profit community pool.  You become a member by buying a bond and paying annual dues.  The bond is a one-time fee of $325. We offer a 1st year special for new members - membership is $475 (which includes all family members at a residence) plus the one-time bond purchase which is $325. The following year you would pay the normal dues - $475 for a family of 2, plus $25 for each additional family member. As an example, dues for a family of 4 would be $525 ($475 plus 2x$25 for the two additional family members).  In addition, we offer 5% off the cost of membership if registered and paid before March 15th of the current membership year.


We have a maximum of 315 member families and once full, we start a waiting list. When you resign your membership, we sell your bond to the next person on the list and then refund your $325 bond.


** Click this button to add your name to our waitlist!**



We're open Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, and if the weather's good, maybe a weekend or two after Labor Day.

Additional questions not answered here? Click Here to email our membership specialist and you will receive a response ASAP!


New or Prospective Members

Join the fun and become a member of Nottingham Swim Club!

We hope this overview answers most of your questions, and contains instructions for signing up. 

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