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Party Reservations

Pavilion and Picnic Reservations

Large Pavilion

Small Pavilion

Picnic Table Areas

Want to hold a birthday party, gathering, or celebration at Nottingham Swim Club? The large pavilion (all or 1/2), small pavilion, and two picnic table areas are available for reserved use. You  can view a map of the locations here.

Prefer to keep it small?  Try our new Cabana rental for groups up to 10.  Only $35 for 3 hours.


To reserve one of the locations (other than the Cabana):

  1. Fill out the Google form located here

    • This is NOT the rental contract. This is an inquiry form and DOES NOT CONFIRM or RESERVE your rental.

    • Only members who have held a bond for greater than one month are eligible to place reservations.

    • All provided information is crucial for proper staffing and event approval. Thank you!

  2. You will receive a confirmation of the details from the Social Chair, possibly with alternate dates, or a contract if appropriate.

  3. Complete and sign the contract along with your payment, and return it to the Social Chair no later than 10 days before the schedules event. (This advance notice is needed for staffing and operations.)


  • Location capacity and cost:

    • Large Pavilion (up to 50 people) $250

    • Half of Large Pavilion (up to 25 people) $125

    • Small Pavilion (up to 16 people) $80

    • Grass Area on Lafeyette Road (up to 35 people) $175 [near pump house]

    • Grass Area on Fiske Road (up to 35 people) $175 [near baby pool]

  • Currently, only one reservation per day is being taken for each of the areas.

  • You are responsible for set-up for the event. Pool staff will make sure that tables are in assigned (regular) positions when events are going on.

  • Cancellations can be made up to 72 hours before scheduled event.

  • Events are assigned to only rented area(s) paid for, and include use of the pool and baby pool.

  • Hosting members are required to clean-up after their event.

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