update on 2020 season policies

Dear Fellow Gators,


I hope this communication finds you all safe and healthy. With all that is going on with the world, we wanted to reach out to you on how we, as a community pool plan to deal with our present circumstances; an emphasis on the word “community”.


While there are many circumstances we currently have no control over, we do have control over decisions about the pool. Our current and previous Boards have responsibly managed our pool for many years, placing us in an enviable financial position compared to many pools, even before this pandemic occurred. Now is when that responsibility pays off.


We realize there are two main problems facing our pool community:

  1. The date at which we will be allowed to open the pool 

  2. The financial impact to our members and the pool, due to the economic instability many families may face


Regarding the opening date, we will follow the most conservative health and safety guidelines for when facilities such as ours will open. While we don’t know when we will be allowed to open, we plan to have things in place so that once we are given the “all clear”, we can open as quickly as possible. This date is out of our hands. In light of the current restrictions, our Spring Clean Up Day, originally scheduled for May 2nd, will be rescheduled at a time to be determined.


Our other concern is the financial impact on the pool and our member families. Because the pool has been well-managed, we can survive the worst case scenario, a total loss of a season. No one wants or expects this, but we want to assure you that we can handle this. In awareness of the financial distress that is going on for individuals, the Board has approved the following measures for this season:

  • The early gator pricing is extended to May 17th

  • There will be no late fees assessed this season. If a member/family cannot join until later in the season, they will not be charged late fees.

  • We will prorate the season with refunds based on our opening day as follows:


If still closed on…

                  % Refund

June 13      20%

July 4         40%

July 25       60%

Aug 15       80%

Sept 5       100% 

  • Inactive account fees will not be charged this year. While the prorated season helps the pool to cover financial costs of a partial season, we understand that some members will simply be unable to pay the costs this year. We ask that you take advantage of this option only when financial circumstances necessitate.


Given our pool is a community pillar and we do not want to lose any friends or neighbors in these unprecedented times, we are implementing the above policies for the 2020 season. We owe debt to previous Boards who helped position us to be able to withstand this situation and allow us to extend these measures to all our members. Their hard work and dedication has helped to preserve our pool.


We look forward, with eager anticipation, to opening the pool this season. Some of our members have chalked our parking lot and walkway with messages of optimism and hope for the pool-filled summer we all deserve this year. We hope to see more messages.


Thank you for being members, and, also, thank you to our Board members for seeing us through this tough time. Please reach out to me or any of the Board members with any concerns; for membership-related questions, please reach out to our Membership Chair, Cyndi Hall, at membership.nottinghamswimclub@gmail.com


Kevin Hudson, President