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2020 Board message #4

Dear Members: 


We are excited to announce that Nottingham Swim Club will open for operations on Monday, June 8th at 12:30 p.m.! Additionally, we will open with our full summer operating schedule, rather than waiting until after Christina School District finishes on June 18th to do so. Lap swim and other adult fitness groups will begin on June 9th. 


This email contains a lot of information that you need to review thoroughly, so that you understand how the pool will operate, as well as responsibilities and expectations of members attending the pool. We anticipate there will be changes throughout the summer and will work to adjust our policies accordingly. Once you have finished reading this email and the attachments, please take a moment to acknowledge you have done so here: 


Highlights of Changes:

  • Maximum capacity: 100 

    • Accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

    • A reservation system may need to be established for peak days (such as holidays) - if so, we will communicate details in advance

  • Members will be required to check in AND check out of the pool, providing the number in their party, so that the guards can ensure we are not exceeding capacity (and can allow in additional members who may be waiting)

  • Face coverings will be required in some areas and social distancing rules must be followed (please see more details below)

  • Members are required to bring their own chairs and tables at this time (a limited number of chairs and tables will be provided on an exception basis - please see below for further details)

  • Certain activities are not allowed at this time (please see below for more details)


We are excited to announce that our NSC Swim Team Coach, Craig Young, will be managing the pool this summer, working closely with our Operations VP, Lori Wilson, to lead our guards and keep our community safe. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Craig for accepting this critical role! Should you have a concern at any time while at the pool about the COVID rules, that concern should be directed to Craig or Lori, or another member of the NSC Board directly, not a member of our guard staff, many of whom have grown up at our pool. 


Membership Information

Now that an opening date has been established, if you have not already signed up, we hope you will do so now. Being an active, paid member of our pool is one of the best ways that you can help our community continue to thrive. 


As noted in previous communications and given the unprecedented impact of this pandemic, we have relaxed several rules associated with membership. This allows members to make the decision that is right for their family, with no impact to their standing at Nottingham Swim Club. 


  • There will be no late fees assessed at any point this season 

  • If circumstances necessitate using inactive status for this season, please notify Cyndi Hall at, so we don’t follow up with you  


We understand that for some of our families, joining this summer is not an option; we will miss you, but look forward to seeing you Opening Weekend in 2021. For those who are joining us this summer, we look forward to greeting you at the pool (from a proper social distance!) and thank you for helping us maintain a safe and respectful environment. 


In the next few days, we will send out a separate email to all members providing an overview of NSC’s current financial status. We feel very fortunate that we are in the position to be able to open this summer, but based on several factors, we expect that we will deplete a portion of our operating reserves by the end of the season. We are beginning to explore ways that we may replenish those reserves, so that we can continue to maintain a strong financial position as we have for many years.


Important Operating Information for the Season

The following are how we will be operating at the start of the season. As guidelines and restrictions change, we will work to adapt accordingly. NOTE: these operations protocols can also be found in this email as an attachment, along with our standard operating rules - where there is conflict between the 2 documents, the 2020 operating protocols supersede the standard rules at this time. 


  • Cloth Face Coverings

    • Are required to enter and exit our facility, especially during the check-in and check-out processes. (Cloth face coverings can include a shirt or towel, which covers the nose and mouth.)

    • Are required to enter our restrooms/bath houses.

    • Are recommended when unable to maintain 6 feet social distancing.

    • Are recommended for children ages 2-12, but not required.

    • Are prohibited for children under the age of 2.


  • 6 Feet Social Distance Separation

    • Members must maintain at least a 6 feet separation from others not within their family or party while on pool grounds.

    • This distance must be maintained outside and inside the pool, therefore it is critical that members do not hang out within 6 feet of the pool stairs and ladders.


  • Bath Houses/Restrooms

    • As noted above, cloth face coverings are required when entering/using the restroom facilities; signage will be posted accordingly.

    • Curtains will be provided on 1-2 shower and changing stalls in each bath house; we encourage members to limit showering and changing at the pool at this time.

    • 6 feet social distance should be maintained.

    • Proper hand washing protocol should be followed. 


  • Picnic Tables, Deck Chairs, Chaise Lounges, & Pavilions

    • Will not be provided at the start of the season.

    • Members are required to bring their own chairs and tables to the pool and take them home when they leave. 

    • A limited number of chairs and folding tables will be provided for our senior members and members with disabilities. (If you have a need for a chair or table, please see the manager or a guard captain for assistance.)

    • The pavilions are available for members to sit under, on a first come, first serve basis; social distancing must be maintained from other parties. Members are not allowed to relocate tables.


  • Gator Grub Snack Shack Will Not Open At This Time

    • No snacks or drinks will be available for purchase.

    • Paper products and utensils are not available for use.

    • Members will not have use of the refrigerator/freezer.

    • No one will have entrance to this facility.


  • Grills 

    • Members will be allowed use of the grills, on a first come, first serve basis

    • Members will be required to provide their own grill utensils and supplies, as none will be available for use this season

    • After using a grill, it is each member’s responsibility to wipe down the exterior surface (please see manager or staff for wipes or other cleaning supplies), clean off the grill surface and empty the grease trap.


  • Activities Not Allowed At This Time

    • Guests: we are limiting entry to members only, given our limited capacity. We will evaluate the ability to use guest passes once the season is underway and if guidelines change.

    • Parties are not allowed and reservations for parties are not being accepted. 

    • Raft Nights

    • Social Events

    • Use of the gaga pit, given the inability to properly social distance

      • When the city reopens parks and playgrounds, we will open the gaga pit (at that time, members will need to bring their own balls​

    • Tetherball

    • Communal baby pool toys and play tables

    • Communal pool toys, balls and games

    • Note: Toys, balls, and equipment may not be stored at the pool at any time. Any belongings left at the pool will be removed to outside of the pool grounds (see Lost and Found information below)


  • The volleyball net is allowed to be used, with the following provisions:

    • Members use at their own discretion

    • Members must bring their own ball


  • The pool’s corn hole sets may be used with the following provisions:

    • Members must bring their own bags to use

    • Members use at their own discretion, keeping proper social distance from other members

    • If members choose to bring their personal corn hole set to use, they cannot be stored at the pool


  • Lost & Found

    • All items left at the pool at the end of each day will be relocated to the bin next to the dumpsters.

    • Exceptions will be made for high value items (which will be kept in the Guard office).


  • Inclement Weather Policy

    • In the event that the pool needs to be cleared due to thunder, lightning, or heavy rain, members must either shelter in their cars or leave the pool grounds

    • Otherwise, our policy for inclement weather remains as is, which can be found in our regular operating rules (also attached to this email). 


We thank you for your patience this spring as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, associated closures and guidelines, and impacts to the Nottingham Swim Club. Once the Governor announced pools could reopen and subsequent guidelines published by DHSS, we have worked collaboratively to determine what we think is the best course of action to open the pool safely. We understand that this summer, at least initially, will seem very different than other summers, but feel fortunate that we are able to open Nottingham Swim Club for the 2020 season. 


Yours in service,


Nottingham Swim Club Board


Kevin      Lori

Kelley     Cyndi

Jenn       Jeff

Melissa  Jason

Greg      Tom  

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