June 13, 2021

Good evening Gators - thank you to all who took time out of your evening to join the Board meeting. As noted, updates to the COVID-19 Protocols were approved this evening. The new language regarding hands-free cloth face coverings and social distancing are:

Hands-Free Cloth Face Coverings/Masks & Social Distancing

  • In order to keep all staff and swimmers safe, all members and guests are recommended to wear a hands-free face covering and maintain 3 feet social distance in the following areas:

    • Pool Breezeway/check-in or while interacting with guards at the guard table

    • Bath Houses/Restrooms

    • Snack Bar line

  • All unvaccinated members and guests, ages kindergarten and older, should follow the CDC’s Guidance for Unvaccinated People found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html

  • NOTE:There are specific rules in place for swim meets and other SSL-hosted events. Please refer to the rules provided by the Swim Team chairs for those events. 


We appreciate each person who took the time to share feedback or their viewpoints. While we need a few days to ensure we've captured all the takeaways and follow-ups, a couple of the things that we will look to implement to help foster a more cohesive community include:

  • Setting up and communicating some scheduled events to provide members a chance to come meet the members of the Board, ask questions, provide feedback, share ideas, express concerns, and/or learn ways to get more involved at Nottingham Swim Club. 

  • An updated Board poster with pictures will be created and hung in the breezeway, so that members can recognize members of the Board, along with contact information. Members are encouraged to get to know the Board members and reach out to members of the Board about arranging times to chat with any of us directly.

  • In meetings, ensure that the speaker is facing their audience and avoiding talking over one another, so that those with hearing impairment are able to follow along. 

  • Compliling and sharing ways that members can become more involved with the pool community.


For more specific or immediate concerns, we do request that you reach out directly to the Manager on Duty (Brian or Emmy), the Vice President of Operations (Lori) or the President (Christine), so that your concern can be addressed and resolved. 

We look forward to a restful and enjoyable summer at the Swamp!

The next Board meeting will be on Sunday, July 11th at 6:30 p.m. at the pool.

Yours in Service,

The NSC Board