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Info for New Members

Membership background

We're a member owned non-profit community pool.  You become a member by buying a bond and paying annual dues.  The bond is a one time $325. We offer a 1st year special for new members - membership is $450 (which includes all family members at a residence) plus the one-time bond purchase which is $325. The following year you would pay the normal dues - $450 for a family of 2, plus $25 for each additional family member. As an example, dues for a family of 4 would be $500 ($450 plus 2x$25 for the two additional family members).  In addition, we offer 10% off the cost of membership if registered and paid before April 1st of the current membership year.


We have a maximum of 305 member families and once full, we start a waiting list. When you resign your membership, we sell your bond to the next person on the list and then refund your $325 bond.


** We currently have bonds available!**



We're open Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, and if the weather's good, maybe a weekend or two after Labor Day.

Additional questions not answered here? Click Here to email our membership specialist and you will receive a response ASAP!


Ready to sign up? When you click on the button below:


A new browser window will open to the page "User Registration - Nottingham Swim Club". Fill out this form to create a login and enter contact information, then add family members. When completed you can log back in and choose the Memberships menu across the top of the screen. Choose “New Members Only – 2021 Family Membership” and follow the instructions on the screen.

New or Prospective Members

Join the fun and become a member of Nottingham Swim Club!

We hope this overview answers most of your questions, and contains instructions for signing up. 

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