2020 Board message #6

July 2nd, 2020

Dear Members,

As you know this has been no normal year and we are all struggling to provide a fun and safe summer within the limits of COVID. The Board met Wednesday to review its operations in light of these limits and the challenges they impose. 

There are 2 important updates we need to share with you from that meeting:

1. July 4th - No guests allowed

Given several factors (current pool capacity limit, fewer people traveling out of town this year, and of course, the COVID situation and the extra strain it imposes on the guards), after much discussion and deliberation, the Board decided that guests will not be allowed on July 4th this year.


As many of you know, July 4th is usually our busiest day and we want to give all members an equitable opportunity to enjoy the pool that their membership provides. We understand this may be disappointing to some members and we did not come at the decision lightly.


2. Cloth Face Coverings

We have amended the 2020 Operating Protocols to state that members and guests over the age of 12 must wear a hands-free cloth face covering, which cannot be the shirt being worn or a towel. We will be updating the protocols on the website, but please know that this will be enforced beginning this week.

This change was made as some members who use their shirt or towel end up removing that item when talking to the guards to check in/out (or not covering their mouth/nose if the need to speak to the guards during their time at the pool), and do not wear a face covering when they enter the bath houses, which is required.


Please note that covering one's nose and mouth with their hand is not an acceptable face covering (even for a quick run through the breezeway). All teens who attend without a parent must be informed of and follow the rules, as must guests attending with members.


We aim to provide our members with a fantastic and safe pool experience this summer. As noted, in previous communications, members have varying levels of comfort related to COVID, and as a member-owned pool, we have a responsibility to operate within the rules and guidelines established by the Governor's State of Emergency declarations, DHSS regulations and CDC guidelines. Your adherence to the operating protocols established for this summer, help ensure that we are in compliance with the law and guidelines, as well as give all members who want to attend the pool the comfort they can do so in a way that they are comfortable. 


In Your Service,

Kevin Hudson